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How To Prepare For A Plastic Surgery According To Leading Surgeons

You have taken the decision, put funds in an account, zeroed down on your plastic surgeon, and are now awaiting the date. There are millions of people all over the world who do the same thing when it comes to going in for plastic surgery. 

However, getting a plastic surgery procedure is not as easy as it sounds. Whether you want to just alter your lips or resize your breasts with implants, there are many things you will be required to do in the weeks prior to the surgery. 

How To Prepare For A Plastic Surgery

In this article, we speak to some leading plastic surgeons and ask them about how people should prepare for the surgery. 

The preparation is important to ensure that you have a successful surgery and fast recovery. This preparation is also to help a surgeon understand you better and prepare your body for what it is going to endure. 

5 Ways you can Prepare for a Plastic Surgery

  1. Getting a Complete Physical done One Month Before the Surgery 

One month before the surgery date, your plastic surgeon will request you to get a full physical done. This may also include different kinds of blood tests, CT scans, and protein levels, among other things. This is a preliminary stage, and you will be asked to do the same just before the surgery as well. You should also be open and transparent with your doctor about any underlying medical conditions you might have. 

  1. Quitting Smoking and Drinking Three Weeks before the Surgery 

Doctors are very careful about people who smoke and drink heavily. If you are an occasional smoker, you will be asked to stop smoking at least three weeks before the surgery date. The same goes for drinking alcohol. It is essential that you start drinking juices and alter your diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables. This will have a positive impact on your body and allow it to heal in a much better and faster fashion. 

  1. Start taking more Vitamins Two Weeks before the Surgery 

At this stage, your plastic surgeon will ask you to start taking multivitamins. This is done with the intention of improving the immunity and healing power of the body. If you have been taking any other medication or supplements you should communicate the same to the doctor at this juncture. Doctors suggest that aspirin use should be stopped before the surgery. Any anti-inflammation medication should also be immediately stopped. 

  1. Improve your Lifestyle and Eating Habits One Week before the Surgery 

At this stage, you would want to start taking lots of healthy proteins. This is going to help improve the conditioning of your body. Doctors recommend eating fruits, nuts, and leafy vegetables. They also point out that you should be doubling water intake to weed out toxins from your body prior to the surgery. It is also essential that you start getting regular sleep for at least seven to eight hours every night.

  1. Prepare yourself Mentally a couple of days before the Surgery 

Once you are a couple of days out, get into the right mental condition. Prepare for things like postoperative medications and stock up on them before your surgery. You should also try to reconfigure your house and furniture in such a way that you do not have difficulty in accessing anything after the surgery. The stitches might need some time to heal and too much movement might not be possible or suggested. 

The Final Word

Many people fail to realize that there is a lot of preparation you need to do before the actual surgery. Just like the pre-operative preparation, there are multiple post-operative procedures you need to be careful about, However, that is the subject matter of another article.  If you are preparing according to the advice and suggestions of your doctor, your plastic surgery will be a resounding success.

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