As health scares and premature deaths due to illness and disease continues to rise, individuals are becoming more concerned with their physical and mental well-being. They are doing more in an effort to improve their health without the need for medical intervention and to extend their lifespans. With this increased interest comes the realization that much of what is required to look and feel good every day is natural and easy to master. Below are just a few things you can do daily to feel your absolute best.

Drink More Water

Drink More Water

More than half the human body is made up of water. Your body cells, organs, and tissues need water to regulate temperature and improve bodily functions. As you lose water from normal activity, replenishing is important. Drinking water helps to lubricate joints, form saliva, transport oxygen through the body, improves skin health, cushions soft tissues, regulates body temperature, eliminates waste, maintains blood pressure, prevents kidney damage, distributes vitamins and nutrients from food and supplements, helps with digestion, and maintains a healthy weight.

Drink Your Veggies

Getting in enough vitamins and nutrients from your regular diet isn’t often enough for the body to maintain optimal function and health. As many minerals, vitamins, and nutrients can be found in green leafy vegetables and fruits, consuming large portions is recommended. Instead of trying to eat it all, however, you can drink them. Fruit and veggie juices and smoothies taste great and help you to gulp down calories packed with things your body needs to feel good.

Take a CBD Gummy

CBD, which is a chemical compound found in marijuana and hemp plants, has been proven to be a powerful cannabinoid with many healing properties. Those who regularly use CBD products have found that they have fewer complications with pain, more energy, an easier time sleeping, less stress and anxiety, better-looking skin, and a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or cancer. You don’t have to get something elaborate, CBD gummies taste great and are easy to take with your daily vitamins and supplements.


Stress, depression, and anxiety are all common mental illnesses that plague millions of individuals each year. You can reduce the likelihood of developing these mental health issues and/or treat your symptoms through meditation. All you need is five minutes of uninterrupted time, an area with no distractions, instrumental music, and a comfortable place to sit. Now, listening only to the music and your breath, begin breathing in and out slowly pulling in positive energy and blowing out the negative.

Go Outside

Most people spend a great portion of their day indoors. If they’re not at home, they’re inside of a facility for work. Spending hours without direct access to fresh air and sunlight can be crippling both physically and mentally. Getting outside for at least ten minutes a day can change that. Sit outside and eat your lunch instead of going to the cafeteria, go on a nature walk after school with the kids, or go bike riding through your neighborhood after work. Going outside daily can improve your mood, skin, and bone health.

Drink Herbal Tea

Instead of going for the morning cup of coffee start your day off with a cup of herbal tea. Many herbal teas have healing properties and when consumed on a daily basis can add years to your life. There are so many to choose from including ginger for fighting inflammation, chamomile for a better sleep, or peppermint tea for digestive issues. Feel free to experiment with different flavors to reap the various benefits.


If there’s one thing you could do on a regular basis to improve your emotional well-being, it would have to be unplugging. The world is so connected to electronic devices that the overstimulation, need for attention, and a sense of false truths can be draining. Try turning off your computer or smartphone at least one hour every day for a better mood.

Your health is all you have. When you are at your best, life is a lot easier and enjoyable to live. There are lots of ways to achieve better health. Some, involve drastic changes and significant effort, while others are so simple they can be incorporated into your daily habits. Try sticking to the above-mentioned advice for at least 21 days (to form healthy habits) and monitor your progress along the way. As you get the hang of these methods, you’ll start to see significant progress in both your physical and mental well-being.

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