How Low Testosterone Will Impact Your Life

How Low Testosterone Will Impact Your Life

Have you recently found out that your testosterone levels are low? If so, you are not the first or will you be the last man to ever be diagnosed with testosterone, a hormone produced in the male testicles. This hormone plays a major role in stimulating sperm production, muscle and bone growth and male sexual development and appearance. Below, you will discover a list of symptoms associated with low testosterone in men.

Testosterone Will Impact Your Life

Low Libido

One of the most common symptoms associated with low testosterone is low libido or low sex drive in men. While this is also a common symptom of aging, it is also related to some types of medicines, drug and alcohol use and too much exercise. Of course, not all men will see a drop in their desire to have sex, but many men do when their testosterone levels are low.

If you sense this the best thing you can do is opt for BHRT or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, you can easily do an online assessment on websites like Male Excel.

Difficulty Achieving And Maintaining An Erection

Another common symptom related to low T levels is difficulty achieving an erection. While some men will not have any difficulty achieving an erection, they will struggle to maintain an erection. Even though testosterone is not responsible for causing an erection, it encourages the production of nitric oxide by stimulating receptors in the brain. Erectile dysfunction is a symptom that is also associated with thyroid problems, high cholesterol, smoking, alcohol use, stress, depression and diabetes.

The key to fighting low T without prescription medications is testosterone supplements. However, there are other options available like testosterone therapy for individuals that aren’t afraid of surgery. When many men consider this type of therapy they find themselves reaching out to their regular doctors. They are afraid to face new individuals because they are embarrassed by their condition. Well, men need to know that their normal doctors might not be qualified to help them out. In fact, most doctors usually refer their patients to an endocrine or hormone replacement specialist. These individuals specialize in hormone therapy replacement and testing.

In addition to this, men need to know that there are a number of TRT specialists that they can seek out online. Online clinics can provide you with the name of local low T blood testing centers where you can undergo discreet testing and treatment.

Hypospermia (Low Sperm Volume)

Hypospermia, better known as low semen (ejaculate) volume, – less than 1.5 mL – is associated with low testosterone. Abnormally low semen volumes can lead to fertility problems. This symptom is often overlooked during semen evaluation analysis, even though it is very commonly related to infertility in men.

It is recommended to not have sex at least four days before undergoing a semen analysis. If you heed to this recommendation and your semen ejaculate is still low, it is highly likely that your testosterone is low.


Hair is not only associated with aging. In fact, these symptoms have been linked to abnormal levels of testosterone, genes, ringworm, stress, drugs – chemotherapy drugs and blood thinners – x-rays, injuries, autoimmune disease and medical conditions, such as lupus, iron deficiency anemia, diabetes, thyroid disease and eating disorders.

To determine what is the cause of your hair loss, you will need to undergo a head-to-toe physical assessment. Your physician will also order total testosterone, which will measure your testosterone levels.

Some physicians will prescribe anti-estrogen aromatase inhibitors, a drug that blocks the enzyme that is responsible for converting and synthesizing male hormones, such as testosterone, into estrogens, female hormones.

Decreased Muscle Mass

Men with low testosterone may notice changes in their muscle mass. These changes do not necessarily involve decreased muscle function and strength but will involve a loss of muscle mass. If your diet or exercise has not changed and you notice a decrease in your muscle mass, you should consult your physician.

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