Healthy Heart Diet

Heart Healthy Diet: Kickstart your Way towards it

‘HEART’ is one of the most essential organ of our body. Located on the left side of our chest, just enclosed within the rib-cage. Its main function is to pump blood throughout the body continuously without any fail, but with the recent lifestyle patterns that we follow, we happen to hurt this organ mostly over and over.

Diseases associated with Heart

Angina-pectoris, congestive heart failure, hypertension are those fatal diseases to which we all are familiar lately. Surveys have proved that in a minute one of every three people die out of heart diseases.

Causes of Heart Diseases

Inappropriate food habit, stress, obesity, mental illness is the main causes for heart related diseases. Excessive consumption of high calorie containing fast food also a cause for the same. Following a proper diet, leading a peaceful life with the aid of exercises, yoga, and meditation can prevent possibilities of cardiac diseases/discomfort.

How to overcome Heart Diseases?

We often end up on over-eating, which should be avoided. In restaurants the amount of food served is much more than we actually eat, so it’s better to remain cautious about the intake of portions. A diet should be enriched with plenty of vegetables, fruits and water, sodium-rich food other than oily food with high calorie that contain fats and cholesterol. This will help maintaining a well-toned body and a proper waistline. A serving portion must be specific so it’s better to judge the amount of intake of food with cups and spoons with the actual standard.

Fruits and vegetables must be taken more, as because they contain anti-oxidants and essential dietary fibers major and minor nutrients, with a low calorific value. Moreover intake of more vegetables would help reduce the rate of consumption of meat, cheese and snacks that are rich in calories.

Addition of whole grains in the diet that are rich in omega-3-fatty acids would prove helpful in having a healthy heart.

There should be a check on the rate of consumption of fat, which in turn would minimize the risk of cardio-vascular diseases. Cutting off butter, margarine, and meat would help prevent consumption of saturated fats, instead low fat yogurt can be introduced in the diet. Snacks like chips and cookies basically contain partially hydrogenated fats; hence the labels should be checked before consuming, avoiding such food would help a bit more.

Saturated fats should not be taken rather mono-unsaturated fatty acids should be taken, for an instance olive oil and canola oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fats while poly-unsaturated fatty acids can also be taken, which is again good for health, nuts and seeds contain such fats. Both mono-unsaturated fatty acids and poly-unsaturated fatty acids help reduce cholesterol, however limited amounts of the same must be taken cause fats consumed in any form is fatal.

Moreover, regular exercise may help burn calories, and hence contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Meditation and yoga helps reduce stress, and enhance the flow of positive energy, above all plenty of water intake is a must to detoxify the system.

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