Aerobics during Pregnancy

Great Pregnancy Exercise: Low-Impact Aerobics

Aerobics exercise is beneficial for everyone, more so during the course of pregnancy. It has been found to be safe for pregnant women as long as the movements are of low impact. Aerobics is healthy for the heart and lungs as it strengthens the muscles around these organs and also keeps the whole body well toned. As long as you keep one foot always on the ground to minimize the stress on the joints and keep away from jumping, kicking or running, low impact aerobics will keep you well prepared for the rigors of delivery labor.

1. Low impact aerobics is safe

You may want to join an aerobic class for pregnant women as this will help you to feel more at home and relaxed. You will have to tell your instructor as to the stage of your pregnancy so that you are allowed to do movements which are more convenient and safe for you. If you are already in a regular aerobics class, then inform your instructor about your pregnancy as she is better qualified to adapt you to certain movements which will not be dangerous for you and baby.

2. Drink plenty of water

Aerobics causes a lot of sweating which is bound to deplete your body of fluids so, drink plenty of water in between to keep from dehydrating. When you get dehydrated the muscles start cramping and this can prove dangerous as it could lead to premature cramping. There is no recommended amount of water to be consumed by pregnant women but you can drink according to how much is comfortable for you.

3. Prenatal water aerobics

As your belly begins to expand you may find it more difficult to maintain your balance which means you can switch to floor exercises. In this case, prenatal water aerobics can be helpful as it allows having the same benefits of ground exercises without the risk of falling or stressing your joints.

4. Keep it safe

If some of your movements on ground aerobics causes you discomfort then you should stop doing that. Instead of struggling to bend and reach you can as easily march in place as it will still keep your heart rate up even as you take it easy. Avoid movements that cause you to feel dizzy as you might lose balance and cause injury to your baby or bring on an emergency.

5. Avoid getting too hot or tired

Wear loose and comfortable cotton clothing when you do your exercise as getting too hot can make you tired and cause dehydration. You can remove any layer of clothing as you continue your exercise, always keeping in mind about your safety. While exercising, your heart rate will be up and if you feel uncomfortable then stop the exercise and rest.

6. Pelvic floor exercise

During pregnancy the pelvic floor muscles become weak and this can cause pressure on the bladder which means that you might leak during pelvic floor exercises. This is called stress incontinence which is very common in pregnant women and nothing to worry about. Continue doing your pelvic floor exercises as this will strengthen your floor muscles. However, if the problem persists, then you need to consult with your doctor who can best advice you on the steps you ought to take.

With low impact aerobics, every pregnant woman can still continue to enjoy their exercise regime and look forward to a healthy delivery. As long as you keep yourself aware of any pitfalls which are dangerous for you, there is no harm in staying fit and healthy during the long period of pregnancy.


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