Facial Treatments and Reconstructions

Facial Treatments and Reconstructions

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these days beauty stems from having enough money to tweak and change yourself to create the perfect image. You can get all sorts of treatments from botox, cheek implants, nose jobs and implant dentures. We're here to look at all varieties of treatments, how much they tend to cost, and include reasons why they are a good investment.

  • Botox: Over 11 million men and women have gone down the botox route over the last year, and it has been increasingly popular over the last 10 – 15 years. Botox is a chemical protein and neurotoxin that, in small doses, does not harm humans however in slightly larger doses it can be extremely dangerous and even life threatening. It is a fairly cheap and cost effective way of getting rid of those wrinkles and if 11 million other people have done it, it can't be all too bad. You can actually buy over the counter botox but it is better to seek a professional’s advice as they can estimate the volume needed and you are sure to get the right results first time.
  • Implant Dentures: For those who may not know or are a little confused as to what these are, it’s just basically false teeth that are implanted into the mouth directly. There are several reasons to have them, the most common reason being loose, broken or rotting teeth that need replacing in bulk. If it were just the one tooth you could get a cap, but if it is several or all of your teeth then getting dentures is the way to go. You can get removable dentures or you can have fixed dentures, it is more expensive to get them fixed but they have a longer life span and are more secure in the mouth. Dental insurance should be able to cover some of the costs, but you’ll need to make sure first.
  • Cheek Implants: A slightly more unusual treatment, but there are people out there who get them done, mainly for personal reasons rather than medical. People tend to get these type of implant due to having flatter or less visible cheekbones, creating a longer and less attractive looking face. They are usually part of other procedures such as a face lift or chin augmentations, and are usually made from solid silicone. This is a rather costly treatment if you are not getting it for medical reasons as it becomes cosmetic surgery.
  • Nose Jobs (aka Rhinoplasty): Possibly one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the last 10 years, this treatment is for those who are either unhappy with the appearance of their nose or for something medical such as a broken nose or a blockage in the nasal passage. Quite a popular part of getting one is to shave down the bone on the ridge as quite a lot of the time there is a small visible bump in the nose, but there are other parts to the procedure such as shaping the nose and using filler to increase bulk in areas where it’s needed.  Again, depending on whether the surgery is medical or cosmetic the procedure can cost next to nothing or it could cost up to £3000.

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