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Different Stages of Alcohol and Drug Rehab Recovery: From Treatment Initiation to Advanced Recovery

Alcohol and drug addiction are the greatest menaces facing human society all over the world today. Once an addict, the road to recovery can be quite daunting due to the lack of professional help and relapses. The following article looks to divulge more on the most effective therapy and recovery procedures.

There are four main stages in alcohol recover road.

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Treatment initiation stage

The first stage in the recovery process is the treatment initiation stage. Once the addict checks into a rehabilitation clinic, they first get detoxification therapy to remove alcohol and drugs concentration in the body. In this stage, patients are not affected as they still have a lot of alcohol and drugs in their systems. The specialists will also give small amounts of drugs which will gradually decrease and eventually total alcohol withdrawal is achieved. The patient can then move to the next stage of their treatment.

Early abstinence stage

Early abstinence is the next stage that the addict will go through in their r4ecovery process. Of all recovery stages, this remains the most difficult to endure. First, the patient suffers from cravings as their bodies are not used to perform normally without alcohol intoxications. During this stage, the patient is usually weak, and can easily lose concentration and alertness, as the brain is has been affected by the intoxicant.

Also, the patient suffers withdrawal symptoms, and can easily relapse as they believe they are sick and the only remedy they find useful enough is alcohol. Once the patient has passed this stage, their chances of recovery profoundly improve, and they can quickly tackle the other steps without as much difficulty as they have already endured.

Maintaining abstinence stage

The next huddle that every alcohol addict must endure in the journey to recovery is the abstinence maintenance stage. Although this stage is similar to the abstinence stage in many aspects, the patient exercises their ability to function correctly without any alcohol influence. They still take the necessary medication but in reduced quantities. After this stage, the addict then moves to the final stage of their recovery journey.

Advanced recovery stage

The final stage in this process is the advanced recovery stage. This stage is open-ended and focuses on reintegration of the patient back to the society. To avoid relapse and estrangement by the community, the patients undergo;

  • Training in life skills: Everyone needs to have life skills to keep busy and at the same time earn a meaningful living. Many addicts lack useful skills as the necessary training, resulting in alcohol consumption for solace. To make sure that the patient keeps busy and active in the right things, this kind of therapy is effective in ensuring effective life training skills.
  • Healthy living: In an effort to keep healthy and strong, it is imperative to lead a healthy life. Alcohol and drugs facilitate many ailments which take their toll on the body. It is then important for the patient to learn more concerning the right diets to consume as well as the best exercises that are helpful in keeping busy and healthy.

In the long run, the patient can return to their lives with much vigor and focus as their welfare is not endangered by alcohol. Click here to learn more.

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