Buying Compression Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

A Guide to Buying Compression Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

Have you been suffering from intense heel pain or inflammation along the bottom of your feet? Such a condition could be caused by swelling of the plantar fasciitis, a fibrous tissue in your feet.

Plantar fasciitis condition is common among runners and can cause acute heel pain. Just as socks come to your rescue in many other feet conditions, still, a common question remains: can socks help plantar fasciitis? Well, research says medical socks designed for the purpose could provide relief to those suffering from this painful condition.

Compression Stockings for Plantar Fasciitis

Before you head out to grab a pair of socks for plantar fasciitis, it would be sensible to understand the difference between compression socks and those meant to treat other forms of feet and leg conditions.

Compression stockings are typically used to treat varicose veins and other circulatory problems. Designed to cling tightly at the ankle and less compressed towards the top, these stockings are tailored to end at the knee.

Can standard compression stockings treat plantar fasciitis?

Well, even if you may like to believe it could, the answer is no. If you think your standard compression stockings can treat plantar fasciitis, here’s what you need to know. Unlike normal compression socks, one meant to treat this condition is tailored with a sleeve around the foot. This adds firmness to the arch of the feet to help relieve plantar fascia pain.

Let’s understand why ordinary compression socks wouldn’t suffice. That’s because they aren’t made to provide the same support to the fascia.

Customized socks can make sure that your feet don’t feel the stress even when they are off the ground. So, if you are not standing, such orthotics can support your feet with comfortable firmness through the arch. This would enable maintenance of stretch through the tissue and help reduce any pain even after you regain a standing posture.

Plantar fasciitis socks can treat not cure the condition. However, these therapeutic stockings are worth keeping handy. This condition occurs due to over-exhaustion of the foot that can cause injury to the tissue along the bottom of your foot. See how these home remedies suggested in this article could help treat plantar fasciitis.

Benefits of Plantar Fasciitis Compression Stockings

While you could seek other treatments after consulting your doctor, these customized socks that provide the appropriate support with its light compression through the arch works well for most. Once you begin using these, you could expect the swelling and inflammation to reduce in no time.

Some of the most noticeable advantages of wearing these special socks are:

– Shrunk pain

– Diminished inflammation

– Decreased swelling

– Better arch support

Running with Compression Stockings

You can wear them for plantar fasciitis any time of the day and through the night as well. This will allow the affected areas of your sole to heal as you sleep. Even that first step out of the bed can appear repealing to many suffering this condition. Yes, that’s because while you are in a sleeping posture, the tissue also rests in a compressed position and immediately stretches as you take those first steps causing exertion on the tissues and ligaments.

Adding light pressure along with moderate arch support can minimize the pain.

Things to look for when buying stockings for plantar fasciitis

– Pick a breathable fabric that ascertains moisture wicking to keep your feet dry. This will make sure that your feet don’t feel sweaty or slip. Moreover, investing in a good quality pair will reduce stress on your feet.

– Check for the material’s durability. That doesn’t mean you buy a thick pair as these can cause your feet to sweat causing skin irritation. Lightweight and breathable fabric reduces the chances of bacterial growth and bad odor piling on your socks and feet. Follow this post to see how to get rid of smelly feet.

– Spandex and nylon blends work effectively in elevating comfort and durability. You can get an ankle-length pair that specifically offers compression at the target area. Make sure it offers arch support with a cushioned cuff to increase blood flow to your ankles.

– Generally, these stockings are available in four sizes. Depending on your feet size, you can pick any between small to extra-large. A snug fit pair with an appropriate arch circumference and shoe size can enable you to buy the right socks allowing for balanced and less stressed heels.

When buying plantar fasciitis compression stockings, check for hygiene factors, innovative designs targeted at reducing discomfort. You can find ergonomically designed colorful pairs sold by top brands as well.

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