3 Toothache Remedies for Kids

Chew on This: 3 Toothache Remedies for Kids

If your child is suffering from a sore jaw, throbbing pain in their tooth, or sensitivity of the mouth, they may have a toothache. In the last six months, approximately 7.5 million US children have experienced some form of a toothache. The pain and stress that comes with this can be overwhelming for both children and parents.

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The good news is, there are some home toothache remedies that may help ease the pain. With these quick and simple tips, your child can start to feel better and get back to their typical self.

Read on for the top toothache remedies for children and get prepared for when pain strikes.

1. Saltwater Solution

Toothaches in children can result from many different factors. Some of these factors may include sinus pressure, grinding of the teeth, or enamel decay from bacteria. With a simple saltwater solution, you can rinse the mouth of any potentially harmful bacteria that may be causing pain.

To create your own saltwater solution at home, add a teaspoon of salt to a room temperature glass of water. After mixing the solution, instruct your child to swish it around in their mouth and spit it out.

It's important to also be aware of any potential cavities that may be causing toothache pain. You may be wondering, “What do cavities look like in toddlers?” While each child is different, it's crucial that you learn what to look for when inspecting your child's teeth.

2. Thyme Leaves

Another powerful herb for natural pain relief, thyme leaves may help reduce symptoms of your child's toothache. One way to use thyme leaves for pain relief is to create a simple solution, similar to the saltwater remedy.

To create your thyme leaves solution, boil a cup of water and add in the thyme leaves. Let the water cool off to room temperature and instruct your child to gargle or swish the solution in their mouth. Then, be sure that your child spits the solution out without swallowing.

Consider using this solution a few times per day or as needed. Many use thyme leaves in place of hydrogen peroxide, as it can also help cleanse and prevent decay. You may find that this antiseptic solution relieves your child's pain and cleanses the teeth of any bacteria.

3. Peppermint

Peppermint, in the oil or leaf form, is a powerful pain remedy with cooling effects. As peppermint is often used to ease sore muscles, it may also reduce inflammation that can cause toothaches in children.

To reap the benefits of peppermint for child toothache pain, you may use the oil form in a dropper. Drop the oil onto the affected area for cooling and calming effects.

You may also consider placing peppermint leaves onto the tooth for several minutes. Using a peppermint leaf, teabag, or oil against the tooth may help provide immediate relief.

While these remedies are helpful to provide pain relief, it may only be temporary with deeper-rooted issues. If your child is suffering from toothaches, be sure to schedule a visit with your dentist or primary care doctor. There may be underlying health issues that require attention.

Try These Natural Toothache Remedies

While toothache pain is never fun, you may be able to give your child quick relief with one of these natural toothache remedies. It's important to check on your child's tooth and gum health on a regular basis to prevent serious issues and more toothaches in the future.

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