Medical Marijuana Allergy

Can You Be Allergic To Medical Marijuana?

It is possible to be allergic to almost any kind of food, as well as some prescription drugs.  Other things that can trigger allergic reactions are pollen, animal dander, and certain perfume ingredients (like lavender).  Part of staying healthy is knowing your allergies and keeping an eye out for allergens in foods, medications, and household products.  Medical cannabis is no exception.  Some people are, in fact, allergic to cannabis.

This is disappointing news for many cannabis enthusiasts.  One of the reasons for the popularity of cannabis is the belief that it has fewer side effects than most prescription drugs.  Some people who were really excited that they can now get marijuana delivery near me are disappointed that it gives them allergy symptoms.

What Do Cannabis Allergies Feel Like?

So you have just gotten a cannabis delivery in Orange County.  The cannabis that was delivered to you has been proven safe and legal.  What could go wrong?  Shortly after you eat your newly purchased edibles, you start to feel like it is allergy season again.  The nasal congestion and watery eyes remind you of what you used to feel every spring when you lived back east.  Those awful seasonal allergies are part of why you moved to California, to get away from the pollen.

Cannabis is a plant.  Like many plants, it reproduces through the production and exchange of pollen.  In fact, cannabis is very similar to ragweed, a notorious allergy trigger.  You might find that edibles made with cannabis oil, rather than leaves, do not aggravate your allergies as much. If you are allergic to cannabis, you definitely should not grow cannabis plants in your house.

If you are allergic to the cannabis plant, ask your healthcare provider how to manage your cannabis allergy.

Medical Marijuana Cartoon

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  • There are many approved pesticide products in use that contain various regulated food allergens. Some people may be experiencing reactions to those and not the pot itself. Milk/Whey/Wheat/Sulfites being the major ones found in many products that are applied during the life of the plant.


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