5 Not-So-Common Reasons for Consulting a Physical Therapist

5 Not-So-Common Reasons for Consulting a Physical Therapist

When looking for some treatment for nagging back pain, recurrent headaches, or managing diabetes, people seldom think of consulting an expert like PhyxMe Physical Therapy, which can be very beneficial. Although we usually think about physical therapy as a treatment for severe pain after an injury or accident, its scope is much wider across all healthcare practices.  Physical therapy can aid in regaining movements that help you to carry out all activities for leading a healthy life and improve the quality of life.

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How physical therapy can enhance your well-being will become clear from this article.

  1. Improve balance, strength, and mobility

Physical therapists are movement specialists who educate patients about the human body so that they understand the cause and effect of pain and movement impairment.  Strengthening your hips may help to provide relief from knee pain. Similarly, those who type too much or do excessive texting might suffer from neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Physical therapy can help to correct body postures and many movements involved in performing daily activities that can eliminate the conditions that lead to pain.  They teach you to stay proactive by taking care of your body mechanics and making you understand why your body is behaving in a certain way and suggest remedial measures.

  1. Non-surgical procedures

Physical therapy can be a part of the treatment plan for those who undergo surgery not only after the surgery but also before it, which is known as pre-hab. The pre-hab therapy not only ensures a better outcome from the surgery but also ease recovery time. In many cases, the pre-hab sessions are so effective in reducing pain that after going through physical therapy, many patients might completely opt-out from surgery.

  1. Manage aging

The standard process of aging tends to weaken the muscles that lose mass and strength and makes it challenging to balance our body weight while causing pain in different parts of the body. Physical therapists can address pain arising from osteoarthritis, arthritic pain, and joint pain. As you keep ageing, you must learn how to adjust and modify everyday activities like walking up and down the stairs, getting up from a chair and balancing the body to avoid sudden fall. Only a physical therapist can guide you correctly to ensure that you remain safe when you move around.

  1. Prevent injury

Most people do not consult a physical therapist unless they are injured, but it is always good to seek their advice as part of preventive care. They can guide you with advice about correct posture that can prevent pain and even help to gain a competitive advantage in sports. A good physical therapist will learn about your activities and what you want to achieve to work out a plan so that you can indulge in the activities without hurting yourself. You will become more aware of the dos and don'ts to prevent injury.

  1. Control a disease or condition

Besides addressing movement-related problems, physical therapists can help people suffering from obesity or heart and lung issues. Physical activities help in weight loss, which in turn helps to control diabetes.

If you believe that movement is medicine, then you can benefit from physical therapy.

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