5 Foods to Maintain and Enhance Your Mental Health

Mental health is something that has a variety of factors associated with it. Whether these are environmental or even just genetic conditions, many different things can have an impact on mental health. Many might not be aware that your diet can have an enormous effect on your mental health. There are foods that have been linked to greater mental health and in specific cases these food have been known to alleviate certain mental health problems. Many times stress can lead to poor eating which turns into a snowball effect when it comes to mental health. Make sure to eat a balanced diet so you don’t potentiate the stress and mental health problems that you are having just by simply eating poorly.


Avocados make the list on almost every health conscious food article as well as being a “superfood”. If there is one day that you find yourself lacking motivation or are slow moving turning to avocados might be the best answer. For college students this could also become a weapon in the library. Avocados have also been linked to helping people focus when that just can’t seem to.


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For a quick snack involving avocadoes, you can cut up an avocado for your salad or even make a quick guacamole dip for your pick-me-up.


If this is something that you allow yourself to eat, eggs are a great source of protein and also help mental function. Eggs contain choline which help with memory so if you are the forgetful type try incorporating eggs into your diet and see if it has any impact. Other dairy products such as milk or yogurt have the same impact on your mental function so if eggs aren’t an option for the vegetarian or vegan there are more options in the dairy family that could help your memory. Eggs are quick and easy to make and there are legitimately thousands of ways to eat them so incorporating these into your diet won’t be difficult.


Spinach is the food that other foods want to grow up to be like when it comes to helping mental function. Spinach has been known to help in a plethora of different ways that aren’t even related to one another. If you are feeling down, spinach has been linked to reducing cases of depression in many adults and young adults. Lack of concentration is linked to lacking vitamin B1 and spinach has a plethora of this nutrient. Spinach by eating it can also increase your appetite, you heard it correctly by eating you can also increase your appetite! Almost every symptom that can be solved by eating a specific food spinach is also linked to as a solution for whatever is having a negative impact on your mental health. The other things that spinach can help with are insomnia, stress, and anxiety. This is the most all inclusive food that can help you both mentally and physically, no wonder Popeye loved it so much!


Strawberries help improve mental function as well as other berries. These are high in vitamin C which when deficient in causes a person to have increased cases of depression. This is the berry version of spinach. For nearly every single symptom that spinach helps with strawberries also help with. Strawberries also have the ability to lessen your anger and irritability. Although fresh strawberries can be expensive, the health benefits of them are definitely worth it.


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Fish have omega 3 fatty acids that help with mental function to an extreme extent. There have been numerous studies stating that fish oil can help reduce your risk for depression and sometimes even cure it entirely. If fish does not appeal to you, a fish oil supplement can also help and is easy to take. Fish is also a healthy alternative to red meats which come with their own mixed bag of issue that they can cause.

As you can see mental health is not just caused by environmental factors. The statement “you are what you eat” stands true even to this day. If you put garbage and unhealthy foods into your body you will be functioning at a lower rate than your peers with a healthy diet. Having bad mental health doesn’t just leave you depressed or anxious but it can also lead you to obesity. Many mental health drugs have been associated with antipsychotic associated obesity which is rapid weight gain due to the use of the drug. Take care of yourself on the inside and out because all of this is interconnected.

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