Smart Ways to Teach Your Kids Proper Dental Hygiene

Smart Ways to Teach Your Kids Proper Dental Hygiene

Children below the age of 15 make up 13.3 per cent of the population living in Mascot, NSW. This thriving suburb located in the Inner-South portion of Sydney has a public primary and high school and a Catholic school that caters to its young residents. Aside from providing them with a good education, the suburb of Mascot must also prioritize the health of the children. To ensure their overall health, parents must give great importance in taking care of their children’s teeth. They need to schedule a regular visit to clinics like Delight Dental Spa in Mascot and practice the following routines to improve the oral health of their children.

Teach Your Kids Proper Dental Hygiene

Make Dental Hygiene Fun

Teaching kids the proper dental hygiene can be a daunting task. They may even resist your instructions if you force them to follow a particular routine. But this can change by letting them take the lead. You can do this by letting them pick their toothbrush in the store. They might use their brushes regularly if it comes in their favourite colour or cartoon character. It would help if you also let them choose their favourite toothpaste flavour.

To let them know the importance of oral hygiene, you must let them watch videos or read books showing oral health practices. The videos have to be child-friendly and easy to understand. You can also reward them after practising good oral care. However, you need to make sure that you will not give them sugary treats that defeat your purpose.

Let Them Enjoy Their Visit to the Dentist

A considerable percentage of Australian children are anxious about visiting the dentist. Because of this reason, you need to find a way to let your children relax during their time on the dental chair. Fortunately, some clinics like Delight Dental Spa in Mascot have calming interiors that make it look more like a spa than a clinic. Going to these types of dental offices can calm down anyone’s nerves and make it easier for them to open up to the oral care practitioners. It can also allow them to get used to seeing the dentist often, so you will not have a hard time setting a schedule for future check-ups.

Provide A Balanced Diet

Aside from proper dental hygiene, you should also make sure that your children will eat healthier food. Remember, kids who eat plenty of sugar-rich foods and beverages have higher risks of acquiring cavities. So as much as possible, you must avoid giving them candies, chocolates, fruit juices, and sodas as snacks.

As an alternative, serve them with crunchy foods like fruits and vegetables to encourage them to chew. These food items can help produce saliva, strengthen their jaw, balance the acid in the mouth, and wash away bits of food between the teeth. Also, it would be best if you encourage them to drink more water after each meal to remove bacteria in the mouth.

Children need proper guidance to take care of their teeth accurately. But you might find this task challenging if you have no idea how to do this in the first place. By following the tips mentioned, your child will learn the right dental hygiene practices without forcing them to do things that they do not want. It will also ensure that they will practice proper dental hygiene regularly.

Funny Kid Dental Hygiene Cartoon

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