Healthcare Industry Different Medical Professions

The Healthcare Industry: Different Medical Professions

Healthcare employees have gone through years of education, and they've used their passion to help others to get to where they are today.

If you are interested in working in the healthcare industry to help others, too, there are alternative career choices., Consider one of the following options. Workers in all medical professions deserve high recognition. Let’s take a look at some of the lesser known options.

Home Health Aide

If a patient is homebound due to medical reasons, a home health aide will come to their property and provide them with assistance. The jobs that the assistant may carry out can be anything from administering prescription drugs, bathing the patient, dressing them or even housekeeping. This type of worker will often have several patients to visit during a day.

Detox Centre Specialist

A detox center specialist helps those who have become addicted to alcohol and other drugs. To become an expert in this area, they must have shown great skill, knowledge, experience and understanding in how to provide screening, prevention, examination and treatments for those struggling with addiction or substance abuse.

Addiction specialists work in detox centers, and they can recognize when a person is addicted to drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive drugs, including prescribed medication. They have the ability to treat not only the physical effects of the addiction but also the psychological complications.


A dietician is someone who specializes in creating dietary plans for a patient. They work with people who are obese, anorexic, diabetic, lactose intolerant or suffer from other medical conditions, to create a diet that’s healthy and caters to their specific needs. During education, dieticians learn about chemical processes and how different foods affect the human body. They can work in health clinics, hospitals, and weight loss centers.

Travel Nurse

When hospitals have a shortage of nurses, they’ll get in touch with a nursing agency and put a request through for nurses. These nurses are referred to as a travel nurses. They work in a hospital for a limited amount of time. Depending on where they are needed, a travel nurse is expected to move around the country, and they are often hired for 13-week working periods.


A pharmacist prescribes prescription drugs to medical facilities and patients. They are health care professionals who must be educated and have a vast amount of knowledge in chemistry, physiology, and anatomy. A pharmacist can determine whether a prescription medicine will work appropriately for a patient's medical condition and whether it’s suitable for pre-existing drug use. Pharmacists can work in hospitals, drug stores, and pharmacies.

Physical Therapist

When a person has suffered from physical injuries or illnesses, a physical therapist will help them during recovery. Physical therapists will often work in rehabilitation centers or physical therapy clinics and can help a patient regain strength in a muscle or even learn how to walk again. They use both specialized equipment and their hands to perform rehabilitative workouts.

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