One of the most difficult parts of aging is losing mobility.  As you become older, activities such as shopping, cleaning, and even walking may not come as easy.  However, focusing on improving your mobility can help you take a stand against the effects of aging. Will you do what you can to improve your mobility?

Listed below are 12 Tips to Improve Mobility

  • Focus on improving your balance: Maintaining mobility relies heavily upon balance.  To improve mobility in seniors, focus on improving your balance.
  • Exercise to maintain strength: Exercise is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle when you are older.  Improving mobility in seniors involves getting in plenty of exercise. Exercise can help keep you limber and help you maintain and build strength.  Begin an exercise plan geared to maintaining your strength.
  • Make the commitment to stay active: If you want to improve mobility and maintain it throughout your senior adulthood it can be helpful to make a commitment to stay active. The more active you are, the less likely you will be to lose mobility.
  • Take advantage of assistance offered by walking aids such as canes and walkers: If you can no longer get around by yourself, improving mobility may require that you take advantage of assistance offered by walking aids.  Canes and walkers are two examples of walking aides that can help improve mobility in seniors.
  • Make changes to your living space: To improve mobility, it may be useful to make changes to your living space such as adding rails and ramps to the entrance of your home. Stairways can also be amended to help you maintain mobility while in your home.  What changes do you need to make in your home to improve your mobility?
  • Tackle projects on your own instead of hiring help: Being active is an important part of improving mobility.  Instead of paying people to help you do things around your house, challenge yourself to do them on your own.  The more active you are, the better off you will be. Improving mobility involves being active and energetic.
  • Realize the importance of having comfortable shoes that fit: Cheap shoes with little or no tread can hinder your ability to be mobile.  To improve mobility, invest in a pair of comfortable shoes that fit.  Don’t over wear shoes that can quickly become a hazard for elderly people.
  • Eat a healthy diet: A healthy diet will give you the energy that you need to make it through the day.   As you age, energy levels can decrease. Increase your mobility by eating a healthy diet to give yourself the energy that you need throughout the day.  Eating healthy can have many benefits throughout your lifetime. Take advantage of what it can do for you.
  • Take care of your vision: Seeing is an important in factor in mobility.  For this reason, it is important to take care of your vision.  Keep your glasses up to date and eat foods that will conserve your vision.  Go for vision check-ups often so that you can help protect your mobility by lessening the chances that you will experience a fall due to a lack of vision.
  • Focus on preventing falls: Improving mobility will lessen your chances of falling.  Do what you can to prevent falls and you will automatically improve your mobility. Fall prevention measures like using canes and sticks will be very helpful in improving mobility.
  • Don’t let your age be a determining factor: Just because you are older doesn’t mean that you are any less capable.  Don’t allow your age to have an effect on your mind.  Stay active and healthy and age will just be a number.
  • Know your boundaries: Improving mobility means that you know your boundaries when it comes to things that you can and cannot handle. Don’t risk your mobility for activities or exercises that you are unfamiliar with or have not been cleared by the doctor to participate in.

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Last Words on Improving Mobility in Seniors

If you are searching for ways to improve your mobility, use the tips listed above. From using walking aides to improving your balance through exercise, taking matters into your own hands can without a doubt be helpful.  What will you do to improve your mobility?

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  1. As one grows older, one feels that he or she lives in an age and a society that is obsessed with you, in which old age is associated with chronic diseases, and “unfashionable”, “unattractive” and at times even frightening. Mobility is important, not just because to be fit but gain a confidence in the society. We can’t hold the age, it has to continue with time, but at least we can try to be confident even in our death bed!

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