Two Extra Hours

What would Two Extra Hours in a Day mean to me?

Being a doctor in the Armed Forces for just about a year now, I have travelled much more than I have for the most of my life. Before this, I always wondered how the continuous movement of soldiers in those shaggy-looking vehicles across the rugged terrain feel like. Well, now I know it. My day begins with a gruff voice over the radio set calling “Quebec 10 calling Quebec 9, Report over”. The rising sun across the beautiful landscape only does enough to awaken my senses, while the simmering waters of the lowly river flowing by raises a chilly breeze across the valley. The grandiose and serene natural environment sinks deep into my lonely being as I begin to amble up to the unit hospital, which is about a quarter of a mile away.

My Day Begins

My office is spick and span and I am pretty sure the housefly would shy away from such cleanliness. My hospital staff wait in a beeline to make my presence felt within the ward, while an assistant clears a handful of scribbled notes left the previous day.  As a young, energetic and sincere officer, I like my table clean every morning. Besides being a doctor, my role in the battalion is one of a stern administrator. A compassionate doctor and a stern administrator are two roles that antagonize each other to oblivion.

The Day's Humdrum

My day runs by with cartloads of files and some weary patients trying to find their way through a corridor of uniformed men waiting for their chance to crash into my office. The day seems short, and I rush back to my room to cosy myself in bed and trying ardently to say “Good Night” to my wife and son, while the auto-responder over the mobile goes “The number you are trying to call is switched off, The number you are trying to call is not reachable or worse still, The number you are trying to call does not exist”. Thus, my day is done.

Another Day

I wake up the next morn only to begin another journey through a path, which hardly qualifies for a road. I am off to another place for a free medical camp for the villagers. And by evening, I am back to the cosy bed, which I alone nest. My family only yearns for me nearby but we are separated by miles and miles of rugged mountains. Simple joys of life, such as having some family time with loved ones, walking one’s kid to school, taking my wife out to dinner, or even going to a sister’s wedding is hard to come by. This, my friends, is the daily humdrum in the life of a doctor serving in the armed forces.

[box type=”note”]So, what would I do, “If I had two extra hours in a day?”

  1. I would save them in a safe place, so that I can use them with my wife and son on vacation.
  2. I would take extra pains for my patients at least during those two extra hours.
  3. I would spend the two extra hours in the cosiness of my bed, which would be easy.
  4. I would spend one hour for service and one hour over the phone with my family and friends.
  5. I would write for more contests like these and win as many prizes as I could.


• Meet the Author • Dr. Lawrence Kindo

I am a Medical Professional with a passion for writing, blogging, playing, computers, and of course patient care. My writing in this medical blog will reflect my passion, and you are welcome to be a part of this venture. This medical blog is a tribute to all the great medical pioneers, and to the ultimate source of wisdom, God.

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  • Very refreshing post Doctor- all the best for the 5 things mentioned in the note:)

    • Thanks Sunita. I sure hope that I am able to do some good to others during my normal working hours.

  • A nobel post and nobel way to spend the two extra hours. Good read.

  • Being a doctor is a task filled with challenges… My uncle too is a doctor in Indian Army… I feel proud of doctors like you who keep our soldiers fit and fine… This post is beautifully written… i love the little note written at the end. thank you for writing this… Came to your blog through Indiblogger… Happy that I did 🙂
    all the best!

    • Thanks Anukriti. I just thought of penning down my thoughts. Went through your p0st “Tranquil Time”, and I should say it is commendable. Keep writing!

  • Interesting insight into the life of a doctor in armed forces.
    Thank You!

  • Good blog dude..didn’t know you had a blog..and glad to hear you are a doctor in the armed forces now…. Feels so nice when you hear old friends doing so well.. great going …

    • Hi Sudarshan, I am working in ITBP Force and posted in Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh.

      Thanks for voicing in to support my efforts.

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  • i am a doctor myself who happened to graduate just a month back . . i can very well relate to the emotions u put across, though being in armed forces would be lot more stringent than i can imagine . nice to know u keep ur passion for writing alive . . 🙂

    • Hi Maliny,
      Congrats on taking your first steps as a full-fledged doctor in the service of humanity. Yes, I am trying to keep my passion for writing alive. Thanks for the encouragement.

      Just wondering if you would be interested in writing for Medical Island!

  • Last wish “would write for more contests like these and win as many prizes as I could.” made me laugh. Very honest. Very sweet and simple post. A doctor at armed forces Wow. Thanks for taking care of armed forces because of whom we are able to sleep peacefully in our houses. Best of Luck for contest and life.

    • Love to hear that it made you laugh. Thanks to you that keep encouraging ‘brave hearts’ like us to serve our soldiers and country alike. And, thanks for your wishes for me. Cheers!

  • I look forward to reading more of your articles and posts in the future, so I’ve bookmarked your blog. When I see good quality content, I like to share it with others. So I’ve created a backlink to your site. Thank You!

  • Great article! I would love to have 2 hours more in a day. I could done so many things more but if we had 2 more hours I would get more rest to because I’m really tired after a long week. Keep on the good work!

    • Surely 2 extra hours of sleep is on everyone’s mind. Especially after a flurry of activities.

  • when I read your blog, one thing comes to my mind is a sense of gratitude to Doctors like you who keep our soldiers healthy enough to defend our borders…keep up the commitment…

    • Thanks Savio for your thoughtful reflection on our service which so often is ignored and unthought of.

  • Hello, you used to write great posts, but the last several posts have been kinda boring… I miss your tremendous posts. Past few posts are just a little bit out of track!

    • Hi There,

      Just trying to incorporate some guest-posts on trial and to increase the number of posts. Of course, different people writing always results in some juice sapping out.

      Will be posting some great content soon. Was on a sabbatical from investing much time into blogging.

      Keep visiting to get some really awesome posts coming up! And, remember to subscribe.

  • Nice article. I think we could all use an extra couple hours in a day, even a few minutes. Your intentions are more noble than mine. I’d be thrilled to just take #3 and get an extra couple of hours of sleep 🙂

    • Sure, your choice is a most tempting one. I hope I can keep up to mine. Cheers!


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