Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

The Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

There’s nothing easy about renovating your kitchen. Although the results can be rewarding, it takes hard work and tedious planning to get the results you want. Follow these tips to avoid making kitchen renovation mistakes that ruin your dreams of the perfect kitchen.

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1.  Skipping Storage Space

These days, there’s a new kitchen gadget for everything you can imagine. Although citrus juicers, food processors, and air fryers are great tools, they take up space.

In your new kitchen, you need to have enough space for all of your gadgets and appliances. If you have an opportunity to create new storage spaces, take advantage of it. Incorporate features like lazy Susans, drawer dividers, and pantry pullouts into your new kitchen.

Although storage space might seem like a small detail, it can make a big difference. It can also be expensive to build new storage space once your kitchen is done. To save money, you should incorporate the space in your renovation plans.

2.  Ignoring Your Workflow

As you plan for your renovations, consider your workflow. Think about how you work in the kitchen, and what type of cooking you do.

When you consider your placement of the sink and refrigerator, think about your workflow. You should place them in a way that makes your life easier. The space should flow with you as you cook. If you ignore your workflow, you’ll cause yourself more work and more stress in the kitchen.

3.  Not Seeing the End Result

There are hundreds of details to consider as you plan your remodel. Because of this, people tend to pay too much attention to the small details. They ignore the big picture.

As a result, the overall look of your renovations could suffer. Your details might not tie together well. When it all comes together, it might not appear cohesive.

Before you go through with your renovations, you should imagine the finished results. Think about how the wall color, flooring, and backsplash will all work together.

4.  Making a Lateral Move

When you renovate your kitchen, it should be an upgrade. However, some people forget to view it as an upgrade. In an effort to save money, they neglect to improve their kitchen. The result might be different, but it’s not better.

Instead of making a lateral move, try to improve your kitchen. Spend the extra money on the renovations and make it the kitchen of your dreams. It can make your life easier, mealtime more enjoyable, and your home more valuable.

5.  Choosing Appliances at the End

Your appliances are a key feature of your kitchen. Because of this, their placement is critical to your renovation plans.

Waiting to choose your appliances could be a disaster. The refrigerator you want might not fit into the space you allocated for it. If you want your kitchen to work with your appliances, you need to pick your appliances first.

Your kitchen renovations can leave you with the kitchen of your dreams. However, you need to plan well to get the results you want. Avoid these common mistakes, and get cooking.

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