5 Tips for Employers to Offer Better Healthcare

5 Tips for Employers to Offer Better Healthcare

When it comes to employee benefits and offering your workers healthcare and benefits, you likely want the very best for them. The balance of offering the best healthcare to your employees while still making the best choices for your company is something that might seem difficult at first, but you may be surprised at how simple it can be to cover all of your bases. When you take the best possible care of your employees, they often work harder for you and remain much more committed than they would otherwise. Employment is a give-and-take relationship, and leaning into that is one of the best ways to create a strong company culture.

5 Tips for Employers to Offer Better Healthcare

If you’re looking for the best ways to offer better healthcare to your employees, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Understand Why You Should Offer Healthcare

While you might think this tip is an obvious one, even the basics can’t be overstated. When you understand the value of healthcare in your workplace, you can better accommodate the needs of employees and potential employees. Not only does offering healthcare afford you access to the best and most experienced employees, but it can also be financially in your best interest. Not only can you save FICA taxes, but your employees can save up to as much as 40% on FICA taxes plus income tax deductions.

  1. Consider HRAs or Stipends

If your business is either too small or hires too many independent contractors to offer full health insurance benefits, you should at least consider an alternative such as HRAs and stipends for employees to pursue their own healthcare. Both HRAs and stipends are ways of providing funds to your employees so they can purchase healthcare independently. While most employees prefer insurance coverage options, these can be good for situations where that isn’t always possible.

  1. Consider Paying Employee Claims Directly

One ongoing issue in the traditional healthcare market is the increase in premiums as a result of healthcare claims. This isn’t always reliable like it is with car insurance, and people often don’t have control over medical expenses most of the time. That’s why taking control by self-insuring and paying employee claims directly can be a great way to fully cover their needs.

  1. Access to Decision Support Tools

One of the best ways to help your employees navigate the decisions with the healthcare you offer them is to provide access to support tools that are easy to use and help them find exactly what they need. If you’re offering options for healthcare packages, it’s likely because you want them to be able to utilize those options. Take surveys, offer guides and ask for feedback to help match what they need.

  1. Offer Extensive Wellness Packages

Both in terms of health insurance coverage and employee wellness, offering a variety of perks and options is a great way to help your employees feel taken care of. In addition to things like vision and dental, employee wellness programs, mental health days, employee gym memberships and other perks like that can be instrumental in caring for the health of those who work for you.

Offering Better Healthcare

When it comes to building a positive and productive work environment where employees feel comfortable to stick around, you need to make sure they feel truly taken care of. Offering healthcare is the best way to do that. How do you plan to improve employee healthcare benefits in your workplace?

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