Before Plastic Surgery

What to Consider Before Plastic Surgery

Have you been considering a tuck, nip or lift? If so, you may still be deliberating whether or not plastic surgery is right for you. Before you “go under the knife” be sure you are completely confident in the procedure, as well as the surgeon you choose. Some tips to help you do just that are highlighted here.

Google should not be Blindly Trusted

When a website appears in a Google search, the results have quite a bit to do with the SEO efforts of the company – not the quality of surgery the doctor in question may provide. You should not exclusively trust Google when it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon.

Ask Your General Physician

Chances are your general physician knows a few people in the plastic surgery industry. This means they may be able to recommend a colleague for you to meet about the procedure you want to have done. This is a great place to start when trying to find cosmetic surgeons near me.

Schedule Several Consultations

It is important for patients to schedule at least three consultations for their surgery in order to find the right doctor for the job. Statistics have proven that the consultation allows the patient to meet the doctor and see if they feel comfortable with them. Also, the patient will only retain about a third of what information is given by the doctor, so the more appointments they can schedule prior to the actual surgery, the better.

Do some Research

While fancy advertisements may catch your eye, this is not how you should choose a plastic surgeon. It is essential that you take some time to research the background of the plastic surgeon you are considering using to ensure they actually have training in the procedure you want to have. The plastic surgery industry is so lucrative, many doctors operating with a license go over to this niche and being performing surgeries without any type of formal training. This is why learning about their background is so important.

There’s No Such Thing as Magic

If you find a surgeon that claims they can “achieve anything” in terms of changing your look, run! No one can make such bold statements. Plastic surgery is not magic and the unthinkable cannot be achieved. It is important to have realistic expectations when having this surgery done so that you will be satisfied with the results you achieve.

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