Understanding the Impact of Pregnancy on Diastasis Recti

Understanding the Impact of Pregnancy on Diastasis Recti

According to a survey conducted by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), 70% of the women suffer from diastasis recti (DR), post-pregnancy. It is a separation of abdominal muscles due to intense pressure and expansion of the uterus. Diastasis recti repair is possible with sufficient training and target exercises to heal the stretched muscles around the abdominal area.

Rectus abdominis Muscle Anatomy

Researchers say that Diastasis recti abdominis is prevalent in women who get pregnant after the age of 35. Also, it affects those who already have a weak pelvic floor, and their inner strength to hold the body together is on the lower side. This tendency in the body is not limited to women; it occurs in men and babies too.

Pregnant women are the primary victims of such weakened muscles, and gestation periods have a huge impact on diastasis recti. Let's check out how.

Tensed Muscles are the Root Cause of DR

Tensed muscles are the root cause of DR. During pregnancy, the core muscles in the abdomen and the connective tissues undergo tremendous pressure. The pregnancy hormones, like relaxin and estrogen, provide support to expand the womb and abdominal muscles.

Experts also state that pushing during delivery can cause DR, and weaken the pelvic floor as well. Expansion in muscles also causes incontinence, pain in the joints, and heaviness in the lower body. Such weakness also affects the movement of the body and hampers the smooth bodily functions.

Diastasis Recti is Certain If You are Carrying More Than One Baby

Reports by various researchers specify that many women who give birth to twins or triplets are more prone to DR. That’s because their uterus expands more, and that leads to the weak abdominal wall.

Even premature babies suffer from DR as their body is not fully developed. But the babies’ bodies recover from DR naturally as they grow. It is the mothers who suffer the most from DR. Hence, proper consultation from a physician regarding exercises can help in healing the DR at a faster pace.

What are the Complications Caused by DR?

Post-delivery, almost all women are weak and tender. The doctors advise them to take proper medications and protect themselves from postpartum issues. But many women jump into vigorous training sessions to reduce the excess weight gain during pregnancy. It leads to further complications.

Diastasis recti repair takes some time, and it heals as per your body characteristics. If you neglect DR healing, it may jeopardize your mobility and trunk stability. Few more complications include back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, damage to your posture, and in rare cases, hernia.

How to Prevent Diastasis Recti?

DR is preventable if you practice pre-pregnancy exercises to strengthen your inner core. The training should include oblique muscles and your pelvic floor. While performing abdominal exercises, you should always keep a good form.

Your body posture must be straight and aligned while seated. You must avoid workout that adds strain on your back and protrudes the abdomen. For effective results, you must hire a certified trainer for help.

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