Massage for Cancer

The Benefits of Massage for Cancer Patients

Although using massage as a treatment won’t cure cancer, many cancer patients say that engaging in massage therapy helps them overall on their journey to recover from cancer. Massage is an ancient technique that’s used to treat the whole person, and not just symptoms of a specific disease that a person may have. If you, a friend or a loved one are currently suffering from cancer and are thinking of using massage therapy to help, here are just a few benefits that you may gain.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress

Having cancer is not easy, and those who have been through cancer and tried massage therapy say that the treatment helped them to relax, helped them to rebuild hope and positivity, and reduced their levels of stress, anxiety and depression. As well as the physical massaging of muscles and tissue that can be very relaxing, many cancer patients who used massage also said that it was a good way to be able to communicate their feelings in an informal setting outside of a hospital or clinical environment. Many masseuses are trained in treating cancer patients and can often be an excellent person to talk to about things that you may be worried about, or simply somebody who you can have a chat to and enjoy their company.

Helps to Relax

There have been a number of scientific studies on the benefits of massage on cancer patients, and the results of these studies showed that not only does massage help cancer patients to relax, it also aids sleeping, reduces pain, helps with symptoms of fatigue and nausea, and many cancer patients who have tried massage treatments also found that it helped them to become more comfortable and relaxed both physically and mentally. For cancer patients, massage is also an excellent treatment that can be carried out in the home by purchasing massage tables and equipment from a company such as or hiring a masseuse who can make home visits.

Is it Safe?

Many cancer patients do consider undergoing massage therapy for a variety of reasons, but often don’t know whether or not the treatment will be safe, or if it has the risk of making the cancer worse. It has been proven that light massage will not encourage the spread of cancer cells, and as long as the massage is gentle, light, and not around any tumours or other affected areas, it is a safe treatment for a cancer patient to undergo. If you are currently battling cancer and would like to try massage, speak to your doctor or specialist about any worries or concerns that you may have. Your specialist may also be able to refer you to a masseuse who deals primarily with patients who have cancer. Cure for Cancer

Are you a cancer patient who’s tried massage therapy, or do you know someone who has? We’d love to hear any experiences or recommendations that you’d like to share with others in the comments.

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