Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Some Surprising Causes For Erectile Dysfunction

Keeping a relationship going after a number of years can be a very daunting task. There are a number of variables that go into making a successful relationship. Without sex and intimacy, it will be very hard for a couple to last a long time. In some instances, the lack of intimacy that a couple has can be caused by Erectile dysfunction. This condition has a variety of different causes and can be very hard to figure out without the right professional guidance. If you are struggling in your relationship due to erectile dysfunction, you can easily seek online professional help to get your relationship back on track at Online Couples Counseling.

Below are some of the most surprising causes of erectile dysfunction.

Taking Drugs to Address Hair Loss

For some men, getting old means losing their hair. Some men just will not sit idly by and watch their beautiful mane of hair disappear, which is why they will seek out medications to stop this from happening. While there are number of drugs out that can help, they can have side effects that can lead to erectile dysfunction. These drugs help to get blood flowing more to your head, which means that it can be harder to get and keep an erection while taking them. Be sure to speak with your doctor to figure out if there are any alternatives that can stop this from happening.

Gum Disease

Another surprising cause of erectile dysfunction is having gum disease. For years, this disease has been linked to heart problems. Most doctors conclude that this disease can affect the overall level of blood flow in the body, which means that having erectile dysfunction is quite easy for a person with gum disease. There are a number of different ways to beat gum disease. By speaking with your dentist you will be able to figure out what can be done to stop this disease in its tracks.

Constant Bike Riding

Getting exercise is one of the most important things in some men’s life. Riding a bike is a great way for a person to get their cardio in and get time outdoors as well. The constant pressure that the seat of the bike puts on the testicles can lead to a number of issues, including erectile dysfunction. This pressure can lead to the nerves in this area of the body contracting, which makes it much harder for blood to pass through. There are some seats out there that are specifically designed to remove the pressure that is put on the testicles during bike riding.

Getting some advice from a medical professional on this type of condition is the best way to get the right treatments to fix it. For more information visit

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