Staving off the Bad Habits

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle: Staving Off the Bad Habits

The problem with good habits is that they are difficult to form, and the problem with bad habits is that they are easy to fall for. Thousands of people are fighting their bad habits and for a moment or two they are successful, but then begins the story of temptation.

They are not able to resist it long enough and end up going to back to where they left. You are not alone in this fight, rich and poor, smart and regular people are all fighting these bad habits and failing at it repeatedly.

The purpose of breaking these bad habits and forming good habits is simple – you want to feel good. You want your life to go in the right direction, making some kind of progress, achieving your goals and become successful. So the question is: how do you achieve all this and more?

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There are some tried and tested products like LifeVantage that will help you with your resolution. But you will also have to put in efforts from your side. You need to understand the difference between good and bad habits, and how you can take the first step in forming or dismantling them.

Here are some tips on how to form a good habit and stick with it.

Thirty-day formula

It is said that 30 days is enough time to build or rebuild a habit. So you need to start with the formula of 30 days and try and build a habit by making a point of following it every day. 30 days is enough to make a habit automatic. The longer you keep at it, the easier it becomes to continue. Allocate some time for this or better yet, make a place in your daily schedule dedicated for this particular habit.

Keep it simple

At the inception stage, start with some simple habits. If you are unable to build the habit – you will end up with low self-confidence. This is not good for your health either. Do not try and change your entire life in one day, take it one at a time and go slow.

Reminder system

It can be easy to forget your resolution to build a new habit. One or two weeks later, you will not even consider it to be your top priority. To make sure that you do not fall back to the old ways, keep a reminder system. This can be anything from your trusted friend or relative who will keep a check on you or a reminder in your smartphone using some kind of an app. The question is what system you are using but how you are using it.

Consistency is key

People keep saying that consistency is the key to success and for good reason. It becomes extremely easy when you keep at it for a longer period of time. As days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, you will find that you are automatically doing the one thing that at one point in time, you were afraid of or you were reluctant to do. The first few days will be tough but if you are persistent and consistent, you will find it to be not only easy but also enjoyable.

Change is hard for some people, harder for others. But change is part of a successful life and knowing how to deal with it.

The trigger

A trigger is something that you do right before you perform your habit. If you are trying to do yoga on a daily basis, the trigger could be closing the door of your room or changing into your yoga pants or sitting in the same position at the same time to remind yourself why you are here.

Trying to quit smoking? Snap your fingers hard and fast every time you feel the urge in order to remind yourself that you need to break this habit and form a new one. A trigger is anything that reminds you what you need to do or what you do not need to do.

Replacing a habit

If you are trying a break a habit, say you are trying to quit smoking, then you need to do something else to replace it. This does not mean that you need to acquire a new bad habit. It simply means that you find a decent replacement so satisfy the urge and keep your mind and body occupied.

It should have more or less the same effect. For example, if after a hard day at work you need to drink in order to relax, there are other things like watching a fantastic movie such as Transformers, reading a sensational book like Guns, Germs, and Steel, 1421, or a Lee Child Reacher book, or even engaging in a solid workout session, such as playing basketball, to help you feel relaxed.

The objective here is to relax, but you have to choose the right way to do it. You need to be strong and act in favor of the activity that is best for your health and wealth.

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