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Healthy Food to Prevent Bad Breath and Tooth Decay

Regular flossing and brushing can keep your teeth healthy by removing food particles and sugars. These particles can work with bacteria in your mouth and form plaque. Plaque in your mouth produces acid and damages enamel of your tooth. It causes cavities and set an attractive stage for gum diseases or periodontal.

You have to visit a dentist, such as Smiles by Glerum for oral cleaning. You will need healthy food to protect your teeth from different diseases.

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Herbal Tea

Green and black teas contain a compound known as polyphenols that can slow down the growth of harmful bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for gum diseases and cavities. You can decrease the buildup of plaque by rinsing your mouth ten times a day with black tea for one minute. Herbal teas can reduce the ability of bacteria to cluster with other microorganisms.


Raisins are naturally sweet, but these are free from table sugar or sucrose. Sugar can increase the ability of bacteria to the surface of the tooth and produce plaque. Raisins contain phytochemicals that can kill plaque bacteria responsible for cavities. Compounds in raisins are useful for your gum health.

Crunchy Foods

Foods like cucumbers, apples, and carrots need serious chewing to break down them. Chewing can disturb your dental plaque and become a cleaning mechanism. It will clear bacteria from your mouth.

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Vitamin-rich Foods

Food items like leafy greens, almonds, and cheese contain calcium, so these are necessary for everyone. Moreover, your teeth need phosphorus that is available in fish, eggs, and meat. These food items can keep enamel of your tooth healthy and strong.

Acidic beverages and foods can cause scratches on the enable of your tooth. With the help of phosphate and calcium, you can redeposit minerals into tiny lesions. Your jaw bones need calcium.

Sugar-free Gum

You can chew sugar-free gum to boost saliva secretion. It is necessary to clear away bacteria. Bacteria depends on sucrose for the production of plaque.

Drink Milk

Calcium and minerals of milk are necessary for your bones and teeth. Milk neutralizes the acid of plaque bacteria. To get actual benefits of milk, drink a glass or cup of milk after eating sweet desserts. It is necessary for the protection of your teeth.


Cranberries have polyphenols that can restrict plaque from sticking to your teeth and decrease the hazard of cavities. Keep it in mind that this fruit is tart and its product has extra sugar. These products can be dangerous for your teeth. You can consume cranberries instead of having its desserts.


These are great for teeth because of their protein and calcium content. You can enjoy a ½ cup of almonds in your lunch, salads or dinner.

Moreover, add leafy greens, fibrous vegetables, and dairy products to your regular diet. Pay attention to beverages because soda or juice can be harmful to your teeth. Make sure to drink water without sugar to maintain a healthy smile.

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