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Gain Health While Losing Your Fat

A weighing scale will help measure your total body mass. It wouldn’t be fair on you to pass judgment that you’re obese taking only your total body mass into account. You need to single out the fat mass from your total body weight.

Fat is not all bad because your body does need a sufficient quantity of fat. The right amount of fat makes all the difference between a healthy body mass and unhealthy body mass. A recent study indicates that fat loss is one of the major criteria influencing your longevity!

Are you one of those people who suffer from overweight or obesity? Going by the definition, obesity deals with excess fat in your body. Overweight deals with a perfect balance of overall weight with your height.

Lose Fat Gain Health

You might tend to confuse fat loss with weight loss. Losing the right amount of fat can reap great health benefits, and you’ll be less prone to high blood pressure and other complications. The same can’t be assured with weight loss. Don’t make the same mistake that most people do. It’s better to get your facts straight before you jump to conclusions.

The only way to get a 100% accurate body composition is through autopsy, which is definitely not possible when you’re still alive! The only way to calculate your body composition while you’re still alive is using the best fat monitoring scale.

Ever wondered how a body fat monitoring scale works? Let’s spill the beans – A completely harmless electrical charge is passed through your body. Your fat-free mass and body density value can be determined by the amount of resistance that your body has to this electrical charge. The fact remains that most fat analyzers determine your body density, and calculate your fat percentage based on it.

FREE Tips to help you use a body fat analyzer to lose body fat with ease:

Calibration over comparison

You might compare your fat mass percentage with that of your friend. There is no standardized scale to put all the body fat analyzers on the same platter. It’s suggested that you measure your body fat mass and keep track of your progress, but don’t compare it with others.

Everyone is unique. Even identical twins do have a lot of difference in their likings. You keep evolving every day, and might not be the same person you were yesterday. However, you learn to adapt yourself to the change. Similarly, you need to calibrate your body fat analyzer to the specification of each individual.

Consistency and cleanliness

Make sure you consistently drink the same amount of water an hour before the test. The time at which you take the test needs to be same all through your test cycle. This can be bit challenging, but taking the test under similar room temperature regularly can drastically improve the accuracy of measurement.

It’s recommended that you don’t take the test after you exercise. You sweat when you exercise and lose a lot of water, which has an impact on your hydration levels and results. Clean your device’s foot pads using alcohol and dry it before every test.

Anything that you get without much effort doesn’t last long or isn’t worth having, don’t you agree? You need to answer that yourself. You can either compromise on the accuracy of the measurement, or you must be ready to pay the price for it. The best fat monitoring scales are usually the most expensive ones and are readily available in the market.

Just numbers isn’t going to help you lose body fat; you need to follow the right diet plan. Don’t fall prey to the popular notion that a hard day exercising is the only way to lose fat. Fat loss can be so much enjoyable and easy these days with the proper guidance.

It’s suggested that you consult a professional to test your body fat using skin folder caliper to test the accuracy of your body fat analyzer.

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