4 Home Remedies For Nerve Pain In Feet

4 Home Remedies For Nerve Pain In Feet

The nervous system has a significant role in the human body’s natural functions. It controls the senses, breathing, heartbeat, and other similar functions in our body. There are thousands of nerves in our body and it transmits signals from the body to the brain and then passes it to other parts for it to function properly. When there is a damage in the nerves, it could interrupt all the functioning in your body especially if it involves the feet. And when the severity of the pain gets worse, it gets very hard to treat the symptoms. But thankfully, there are ways to treat it at home. You can also find information and treatment article on Nerve Pain Treatment's site.

Remedies For Nerve Pain In Feet

Here are four home remedies for nerve pain in the feet.

  1. Hot Bath or Shower

One of the most effective and natural ways to treat nerve pain in the feet is to have a hot bath or shower. You can also choose to just soak your feet in hot water. This home remedy helps improve the blood circulation in the body and reduce the symptoms of nerve pain in your feet. It is also very relaxing and will make one very comfortable after a long tiring day at work. Before pain in your nerves gets worse, this home remedy is a perfect way to treat it and prevent any further inflammation and pain.

  1. Vitamin B Supplements

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to treat and prevent nerve pain is to take supplements that specifically target nerve pain. Vitamin B supplements are great in repairing any damaged nerves. This vitamin can also be found in foods like whole grains, beans, lean meats, vegetables, nuts, and more. Make sure that you add them to your diet if you want to naturally treat nerve damage. On the other hand, if you are on the lookout for great supplements, make sure that you get your B vitamins from trusted brands.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is known for its anti-inflammatory properties so if you want to experience instant relief and comfort from nerve pain in your feet, apply an aloe vera gel and massage it carefully on the painful area. It is cool to the skin and helps one relax. For added comfort and relief, you may also look for oils that have eucalyptus, lavender, or peppermint and massage it to the painful area in your feet.

  1. Exercise

You don’t have to do a strenuous workout. Just do basic ones like walking or stretching. Exercising can help release endorphins which are natural painkillers in the body. It also helps promote blood flow to the nerves in your feet. If you constantly exercise, this will help nourish the damaged nerves in your feet back to its health. Just start slow and gradually increase your distance and pace. Do it consistently every day for at least a few minutes and in no time, you will notice the difference in your feet and eventually have all those damaged nerves healed.

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