Oral health is something that most people have avoided for a long time. You always look to use the best soaps and shampoos while bathing, but have you ever given a second thought to how you would look to stay healthy orally? Think again. You may use the best toothpaste for your teeth, but what about the jaw? Your jaw is equally important as your teeth and both have to function in tandem to keep your oral health up to the mark.

Bite ProblemsHaving unequal jaw is a common issue amongst many people. But, the good thing is, there is a definite cure for it. Unequal jaw means that the upper part of the jaw is slightly protruding forward than the lower one and vice versa. This phenomenon is also known as underbite. If you are one of those who has this issue and thought that you will have to live with for the rest of your life, then there is good news coming your way. With a simple surgery, you can get this issue corrected in a short period of time.

Why go for surgery?

People with misaligned jaws face many oral issues sooner or later. That is why it is better to opt for underbite surgery rather than stay put with it. It is not a very complicated surgery but has the ability to get the alignment of your jaw correct and that will make you look much better. Also, here are some more benefits of this surgery than most people are unaware of:

  • Figure of speech – as funny as it may sound, people with misaligned jaw have issues with their speech. It is almost as if they have a slurry speech and the people he/she is talking to are unable to understand properly what is being said. With underbite surgery, the alignment of the jaw and teeth will be corrected and when the jawline is correct, your speech will also improve slowly.
  • No more jaw-ent pains – misaligned jaw can be really painful sometimes. You may have had teeth pains, but joint pains of the jaw can be truly unbearable. These joint pains will disappear once the alignment is corrected. Most patients who have joint pains because of this alignment issue are also not able to close their mouth. All these will go away after the surgery.
  • Easy chewing – swallowing of food and chewing are two of the most common problems that people face when it comes to misaligned jaw. Also, when you bite the food, it will not be done properly. Overall, you will have lots of problems while eating food. Treating this will be possible if the surgery is done at the right time.

Underbite Surgery Outcome

Misaligned jaw can be a terrible problem. You have issues with your speech, while eating and the pain too is something that you can’t stand. So, if you are thinking of taking medicines and curing it, you will have to wait for years. Instead, get an underbite surgery done and you can lead a happy life with the best oral health.

Underbite Funny Cartoon

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