Whatever hair type you have, keeping it looking its best with expensive salon products can be something of a financial drain! Whether you have natural afro hair in a cool retro webbie haircut, long, flowing locks that frizz up in humid weather, or hair that is damaged from dying and heat treatments, keeping it tame and beautiful can be demanding on your time and wallet.

However, there are some great ways you can use inexpensive natural products you may even already have in your home to give your hair a beautiful, shiny luster and keep it under control!

Here are three surprising things you could use:


At first, this sounds like it's not going to work at all and will leave your hair in a sticky, sugary mess. However, if you gently work some raw honey into the most damaged ends of long hair you will soon find it nourishes it very well and washes out easily. Honey can also be good for the skin, so a lot of fans of natural beauty products keep some in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen!

The main thing is to use hot water to rinse away the honey after applying it and leaving it for a few minutes. This will melt it away, so you get all of the benefits without any sticky residue.

Honey will also give your hair a really nice smell after use, which just as appealing as expensive hair treatments!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is promoted for all kinds of things, including as a weight loss aid, and something that is good for your teeth. If you are not eating it, however, it can also be used for your hair as an oil treatment, and it is very effective at moisturizing dry ends and making hair easier to manage.

Coconut oil is used in a lot of hair products for all hair types. However, you can save money by simply using the basic oil as a conditioner. Depending on the oil you buy, you may also benefit from the lovely coconut aroma, though some oils are designed to be flavor and fragrance-free.

Olive Oil

Another oil that has long been used to treat hair in the Mediterranean region of Europe is olive oil. Now it has become a popular kitchen ingredient in the US, it is likely you have some in your kitchen. While it isn't the cheapest thing to buy at the supermarket, it is still considerably cheaper than salon hot oil treatments, though it can give you the same effects (as well as making for a great base for a salad dressing!).

Massage the oil into your hair and rinse with hot water for easily detangled, beautifully conditioned hair. Just be careful to focus the oil on the ends of the hair rather than the roots if you are someone with a greasy scalp.

These are three natural and inexpensive products that can give you the same results as expensive salon quality hair products. Why not try them today?

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