Gynecology Career Choice

Is Gynecology a Good Career Choice?

A Gynecologist is a specialized doctor in women’s reproductive systems. Gynecology can be a great career choice if you have a genuine passion for women’s health and a previous medical background. There are benefits of becoming a Gynecologist and as it is a specialized area, you must be passionate and able to know the female reproductive system inside out. If this sounds like something you are interested in, Gynecology may be the career choice for you.

What Does a Gynecologist Do?

In general, Gynecologists are at the fore-front of every woman’s reproductive systems health. They perform annual health checks to ensure everything is healthy and there are no signs of an underlying medical condition, which would need to be referred. A Gynecologist can do many things such as smear tests and breast examinations (which many people don’t know). As a Gynecologist, you can also perform minor surgeries such as ovarian tube tying. You may also have regular patients with other conditions such as diabetes, who need their reproductive system tested on a regular basis to see if their condition has negatively influenced their reproductive health. You may also assist in STI testing and contraception prescribing or advice.

 What Are the Benefits of a Career in Gynecology?

If you are passionate about helping others, Gynecology could be a good career for you. You can assist and advise women who are suffering with things such as fertility problems, which can have a huge impact on their life. Helping a family to conceive isn’t a job that most healthcare professionals can help with and can be very meaningful. Gynecologists are always well sought after, with jobs in hospitals, private practices, clinics and other health organizations. There are often different routes in which a Gynecologist can specialize in, such as gynecological cancer or fertility issues meaning there is always something new to get into.

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Would A Career in Gynecology Be Right for Me?

As having such a private examination can make many women feel on edge and nervous, you need to have a calm, relaxing personality and be able to communicate with these women. They may be discussing very intimate issues with you therefore you need to be able to build a good rapport with them and pay close attention to each individual patient. You also may need to be the bearer of bad news if you do find anything untoward. If you believe that you have these personality traits and an interest in women’s health, Gynecology could be the right career move for you. Not only could you be doing a job you have a genuine interest in, but you could also gain invaluable experience on a great salary. The gynecologist salary is one of the highest paid in healthcare.

Becoming a Gynecologist can be a very rewarding path to take, aiding women with fertility issues or the prevention or early recognition of such things as ovarian cancer. If you have a medical background and a general interest in the female reproductive system, Gynecology may be the right option for you.

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