Market Your Medical Practice

How to Market Your Medical Practice

Not all medical practices have people waiting to sign up. Family doctors and general practitioners will always be in demand, simply because their offices benefit from everyone needing them. Their neighborhood is all that they need to bring in the number of patients that they need. For those medical practices that work off of referrals and walk-ins, like chiropractors or demonologists, however, you should look to market yourself. The more patients coming in, the better.

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Don’t wait for a patient to be referred, but offer your services directly to those in need by following these five steps:

  1. Work on Your SEO

The first place that people will go to when something is wrong or they have pain isn’t to their doctor, but online. Googling symptoms itself is not a good idea, but you can make it work in your favor by working on your SEO. You need to use white-hat, Google-approved techniques to increase your google search result ranking because if you don’t you could risk being unlisted. Improve your SEO, and potential patients will be able to find you in a split second.

The best part about SEO is that it is a more permanent solution. The results that rank highly receive the most organic traffic after all, and that traffic later gets turned into link backs and referrals. Your ranking doesn’t have to depend on you paying money to advertise through Google.

  1. Digital Marketing

The Internet knows who you are. Facebook and Google know your preferences, your search results, and your history. They know this information because you have given it to them, and then they sell access to this information to advertisers. This means that you can market your practice directly to people who have expressed interest in your field. Cut out the middleman, and don’t market to people who don’t need your services, but direct your money more effectively.

  1. Traditional Marketing

You should not underestimate the power of traditional marketing. You can make a flyer and post those flyers in local areas like community centers, café’s, and even in other local doctor’s offices (with their permission). Choose areas that people wait in because when a person is sitting and waiting, that is the best time to get their attention.

Traditional marketing can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. Flyers are a cheap, easy way to get your name out there and to attract new customers. Marketing on public transport or on billboards, however, can be expensive. Have a budget and work out what you can do with it to make the most impact.

Everything is subject to marketing, even medical practices. When you have an optional medical practice that makes people’s lives better, you need to tell people about it. A lot of people don’t know that they can benefit from a chiropractor, even if they haven’t been in an accident. The same goes for those with mild acne – dermatologists can help them have the most beautiful skin they’ve never had. Get your services out there, and find the people who need you, but haven’t yet found you.

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I am a Medical Professional with a passion for writing, blogging, playing, computers, and of course patient care. My writing in this medical blog will reflect my passion, and you are welcome to be a part of this venture. This medical blog is a tribute to all the great medical pioneers, and to the ultimate source of wisdom, God.

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