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5 Simple Ways to Get a Brighter Smile

Oral health is something that everyone should prioritize; a healthy, bright smile signifies greater overall health and well-being. Whether you want to improve the health of your mouth, or improve its appearance cosmetically, there are many things you can do to get them whiter and brighter and achieve a beautiful smile.

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  1. Practice better oral hygiene

The first step in your mission to achieve a beautiful smile should be to improve your oral hygiene. Your routine should include the basics – brushing morning and night for at least 2 minutes. But, to take it to the next level, you should try brushing after every meal to remove residue (you might want to start carrying a toothbrush and toothpaste around with you).

You should also floss at least once a day to ensure the areas of your mouth that your brush can’t reach are cleaned. To finish off, rinse with an anti-bacterial mouthwash to fight against plaque and freshen your breath. Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months, or when the bristles start to fray.

It is also recommended that you make regular visits to your dentist. Visit a quality dentist such as Hamptons Dental who can offer you professional teeth cleaning and will assess the overall health of your mouth and address minor issues such chips and cracks.

  1. Avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth

Any liquids that could stain a white shirt – red wine, coffee, tea, cola – will stain your teeth and make them yellow, so if you want whiter teeth you should steer clear of these drinks.

Foods that can stain your teeth include red meat, soy sauce, bolognaise sauce and chocolate, so consider avoiding these, too.

If you do consume these foods and drinks, it is advised that you cut down on your intake – especially sugary drinks that can damage the tooth and enamel as well as stain – and try swilling water around your mouth after you’ve finished eating to rinse out as much residue as possible.

  1. Whiten your teeth

There are many at-home whitening kits on the market that promise you great results, but for a safer and more effective treatment, see your dentist.

The quickest way to remove stains is to go to a professional. It may be considerably more expensive compared to at-home whitening kits you can get online, but your dentist can offer the personalized advice and aftercare (such as a custom mouth guard and peroxide gel for at-home use) that an at-home whitening kit can’t.

  1. Stop smoking

If you’re seriously wanting a brighter smile, stop smoking. As well as being the leading cause for many fatal diseases, smoking causes havoc to your mouth, too: tooth staining, gum disease and even mouth cancer. Some people even experience tooth loss and damage that is irreversible and untreatable – even for professional help. The solution is a simple one: stop smoking.

  1. Eat foods that are naturally whitening

Just like there are some foods that will stain your teeth, there are also some that will whiten your teeth. These include apples, pears, cauliflower and carrots – it is believed that these foods take longer to chew, and this causes your mouth to produce more saliva which is a natural cleanser for your teeth. What’s more, these foods will scrub your teeth and whiten them as you eat them.

Another natural whitening fruit is strawberries, as they contain an enzyme known as malic acid which whitens the teeth. What’s more dairy products, especially cheese, are essential for achieving a whiter, brighter smile; cheese contains lactic acid and enamel-fortifying mineral calcium which not only whitens the teeth but strengthens them.

By loading up on these “good” foods and avoiding the “bad” ones, you can improve the color of your teeth. Especially if you have recently whitened your teeth, you should avoid consuming anything dark in color that can cause staining. Good luck!

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