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Underbite Surgery Header

Why Underbite Surgery is Important and the Benefits it has

Oral health is something that most people have avoided for a long time. You always look to use the best soaps and shampoos while bathing, but have you ever given a second thought to how you would look to stay healthy orally? Think again. You may use the best toothpaste for your teeth, but what about the jaw? Your jaw is equally important as your teeth and both have to function in tandem to keep your oral health up to the mark.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Why Dual Diagnosis Treatment is Your Best Bet for Addiction

Addicts are twice as likely to suffer from mood disorders, and some psychiatric diagnoses have higher rates of addiction. In some cases, drug abuse even leads to new mental illnesses. Recovery from addiction and alcoholism is challenging enough without enduring the symptoms of another condition, so you have a better chance of lasting recovery if you’re treated for all your conditions simultaneously.

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Max Healthcare Cancer Daycare Centre

Everything You Need to Know About Delhi’s First Standalone Cancer Daycare Centre

It is painful, horrifying, and life-threatening to millions of people across the world. Cancer has always remained a nightmare that not only scares the sufferers but also snatches happiness and peace away from their lives.

To understand the threat that it presents, it is important to look at the fact and figures of cancer cases that are quite alarming. In India itself, the mortality rate due to cancer is extremely high with a prediction to go up to 1.5 million cases in India by 2020.

The figures which are both disturbing and frightening highlight the urgent need for an increase in the number of centers providing cancer treatment in India where the patients can get the best treatment and awareness about various life-threatening types of cancer.

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Fatigue and Anxiety

Fight Away Fatigue and Anxiety with Modafinil

With people finding it hard to get time to relax besides the increase in work pressure that leads to heighten of stress level, most of us want something that will keep us moving right on the track of life without feeling lethargic or restless. To provide a boost to the energy level and to fight the anxiety stage a number of herbal brands are introducing their health care supplements that are free from any sort of synthetic and chemical compounds to keep the users far away from the side-effects. But then choosing the best product solely depends on you as you will find hundreds of reviews of such supplements online which may help you in ordering the finest product available in the market.

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6 Hair Fall Myths

6 Hair Fall Myths: Are they True?

The thing about hair is that in spite of it being one of the least essential parts of our body, most of us probably spend more time trying to preserve it than worrying about our vital organs! Of course, that makes sense, given that the appearance, style, and the thickness of our hair makes a big difference when it comes to self-confidence, social perception, and attractiveness. Unfortunately, as it is with anything valuable, a lot of myths have also developed around hair care, hair fall, and baldness, which can at times be very misleading. Let us now delve into six of those hair fall myths and see if there’s any truth to them or not.

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