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Understanding the Connection Between Lifestyle & Health

In recent years the number of deaths caused by lifestyle diseases is quite alarming. As per a white paper published by Confederation of Indian Industry and academia last year, 25% of Indians are at risk of losing their life before the age of 70. This is truly unfortunate, as lifestyle diseases are the most preventable cause of death. Although people becoming aware of health challenges with time, thanks to a number of health blogs and growing awareness about medical insurance and policies such as the HDFC ERGO health insurance plans. Experts believe that there is a far greater need to create awareness with respect to drawing a connection between lifestyle and health.

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How to Control Incontinence with Nature Alone

Lemon, Chocolate, Sweet And Sour, Sweet, Sour, EatingManaging incontinence is something that millions of people are learning to do in the UK right now. The true figure of who suffers from urinary incontinence is not known, simply because many people who suffer from it find it an embarrassing ailment to talk about.

Some people also believe that incontinence is an inevitable sign of aging, or the obvious result of child birth or high-impact sports. No matter what or why incontinence happens, for too long sufferers have simply ‘put up with it’.

The availability of high quality and appropriate incontinence pads has increased. Men and women are reluctant to keep hiding this condition that is causing them issues on a daily basis.

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Know something about the Health Issues from Xarelto Lawsuit

In the legal and medication world, there is much going on today. All this is due to a drug that has caused more harm than it claims it can cure. There is a large volume of lawsuits filed by patients who used Xarelto. It is a medication used for blood thinning which was approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) in the year 2011. However, the drug turned out to be a disaster with exhilarating side effects to most people who consumed the drug. Regardless the fact that most drugs have side effects, Xarelto is exceptional after information emerged that it was approved carelessly without knowing its harm. The drug was made by Bayer and widely marketed and distributed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals in Japan a section of Johnson and Johnson.

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Prevent Premature Aging

Prevent Premature Aging: What to Know About Lengthening Telomeres

From microdermabrasion and chemical peels to Botox and injectible treatments, antiaging solutions run the gamut. But antiaging solutions aren’t all vanity-related. Premature aging is associated with greater risks than just wrinkles and thinning hair. Premature aging, linked to shortened telomeres, may cause higher risks of cancer, Alzeimer’s disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and other health problems.

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