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Coping to Start Over

Coping When You Have To Start Over

In life, we expect to move continuously upward. We gain possessions, friends, money, and experience, never taking more than a small step back. We feel like every day, we should be a little bit better off than we were the day before.

But that's not always the case. Sometimes things come into our life that take away a large portion of what we've built, leaving us to back up and try to start again. For some people, the process is overwhelming and leads to depression or simply a surrender to a lower standard of living.

There are a variety of triggers that can leave us in this situation, but once we acknowledge what it takes to move on, we can start to get positive things going in our lives again.

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Pancreatic Cancer Header

The End of Pancreatic Cancer is Near

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers with the lowest survival rate. It became more popularly known when Steve Jobs announced his illness and subsequently died from the disease. So, when a team of Australian researchers made a breakthrough in understanding pancreatic cancer, one could not help but get excited at the possibilities.

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Senior Mobility

Four Ways for Seniors to Stay Mobile, Active, and Fit Throughout Their Later Years

When people get older, the best way for them to be able to stay as happy and healthy as they can be is to stay mobile and active. Many technological advancements have been made over the years to make it easier for older individuals to be able to safe when they are on their own. The guide below walks you through a few ways seniors can stay mobile and active on a daily basis.

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Spirit of Massage Therapy

The Entrepreneurial Potential of Massage Therapy

More people are becoming interested in creating a life they love by working for themselves. Many of these are individuals who also feel a calling to help others. Massage therapy can fulfill both needs. Before you dive into the world of massage therapy, take the time to learn more about the profession. Decide who you’d like to work with and if there are enough clients in your area to sustain a career. Learn more about the equipment you will need and make a financial plan to fund your new venture. 

Finally, once you are sure this is what you want to do, decide on a training path and set to work making your entrepreneurial dream a reality.

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What if Food Bubbled Up

What if Food Bubbled Up?

We usually say “what goes up must come down.”  But what if things moved backward?  What if everything that went down, bubbled back up?  This is all too common in the world of acid reflux.  Acid Reflux (simply called reflux) is a condition where stomach contents are not able to stay where they should… which is of course, in the stomach.  Food, drink, medications, stomach acid, etc, travel back up into your throat for various reasons.  It is often called acid indigestion.

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Importance of Platelets

Sufficient Quantity of Thrombocytes is Essential for Healthy Life

Blood is the source of life in mammals and through its many important functions it provides nutrition to the body, protects it, prevents blood loss while also reaching oxygen to all parts of the body. Have you ever thought about the composition of blood or how its various components work? Of many properties, blood clotting is one of the most important properties ascribed to blood, one that is particularly important when your body sustains injury and prevents your body from losing blood through the wound. Clotting stops the bleeding and prevents exsanguination. A proper functioning of the clotting system is extremely important for your body to function effortlessly through the many decades of your life.

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